My Black Is Beautiful

Why I Wrote This Song

I wrote My Black Is Beautiful after teaching middle-school aged children and realizing that low self-esteem was a recurring issue among young Black girls. I noticed that young girls of color did not have a healthy sense of beauty, and as a result lacked confidence, which is directly linked to their motivation and performance in school. I wanted to improve this condition, so I wrote lyrics to encourage teens to define and embrace their natural beauty. My Black Is Beautiful serves as positive reinforcement that Black skin is beautiful and aims to embolden the self-esteem of young girls and all Black women.

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Who Is Lovely Hoffman

Lovely Hoffman is a singer, songwriter and IRNE award-winning musical theatre performer.  She hails from Boston’s Roxbury neighborhood and gained notoriety when she played the lead role in the New England premiere of Speakeasy Stage Company’s musical production of The Color Purple.

Lovely’s mantra, Creativity takes Courage, inspires her to write music that encompasses a wide spectrum of human experiences.  From love, to pain, hope and justice, people are captivated by Lovely because they connect to her musical stories, which not only inspires, but also empowers and heals.

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What People Are Saying

What an amazing and talented young woman! – Thayer
Academy Parent – MLK Celebration, w/Lovely Hoffman as Keynote
Our community was inspired by your presentation. The children, too, were positively energized by your voice and message…thank you, thank you! – Thayer Academy Parent – MLK Celebration, w/Lovely Hoffman as Keynote
This is one #Inspirational #Song! I love it so much! #MyBlackIsBeautiful is truly #GREAT! – Twitter Retweet
Great lyrics and video. My seven year old can’t stop singing it! – Facebook Reply
Beautiful song love love it. So inspirational for young girls. – Facebook Reply
Absolutely incredible!!! woootttt Ms. Lovely Hoffman!!!!! your students….are so blessed to have your activism, leadership and artistic talents!!!! – Facebook Reply
Love everything about this – Instagram
I am dead sitting hear crying, Amanda B – FB Comment
I love this teacher from the moment I met her. She is so inspiring to her students and truly cares about their future. Natasha A. – FB Comment
One of the best teachers my son has EVER had! Stacey M. – Instagram Post
This is my 5 year old daughter’s favorite song. She does not go a day without requesting it. Keisha I. – Youtube Comment
Tears!!!…This is exactly what our children need and it’s an imperative part to healing in our communities, hats off to the artist for using her gift to empower. Sabrina J. – Youtube Comment

For Educators

Self-Esteem Curriculum For Young Black Girls